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Bengaluru Cake rolls out its impeccable service to help customers get best cakes in town

Bengaluru: As the most loved season descends upon everyone, it is time to take out precious time for special ones to make their lives even more beautiful. To address this need for all those based in and out of Bangalore — the garden city —, one-of-a-kind cake service comes handy. Bengaluru Cake is a special delivery service that sends out gorgeously-designed cakes and pastries with a touch of compassion and adoration.

These cakes can be sent to anyone who might be feeling low in order to uplift their spirits. Or, it could be sent to the recipient to put a perfect end to their celebrations, be it birthdays, anniversaries, and almost any other special reason under the sun.

The online cake website caters to almost all the needs; they bake eggless cakes, cakes exclusively made for children, anniversaries, birthdays of adults, weddings, corporate events, among others. Bengaluru Cake also provides a unique ‘combination’ option for its customers so that they can add more love to the cart along with a customised cake. And it doesn’t end here; this cake delivery in Bangalore also helps a buyer avail its other exceptional services like flowers such as roses, orchids, etc.

Below are the most popular cakes that are handpicked in order to make the search on this site easier.

  1. Best combinations: It doesn’t matter if the cake is being ordered from someone in or out of Bangalore; one can just pick a cake of their choice and send it across to the lucky one. And, to make their day and the year ahead even better, the site has the best packages or combos. After all, no surprise is complete with a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a super yum cake. The ½ kg chocolate cake baked with utmost care and happiness is the top choice. This combo also includes a bouquet of 18 yellow flowers that go perfectly with the dessert. Similarly, the site also serves one kg pineapple cake with 24 red roses to make the recipient go weak at their knees.
  2. Customised picture cakes: The not-so-ordinary cakes can be customised in a way that one can print a picture on them. And the precision of the design is well taken care of by the exceptional and talented team of bakers.

The Spokesperson for Bengaluru Cake stated, “Keeping in mind the competitors in the market, we are rolling out our service so that our target audience gets access to the best of the lot. So, wait no more, and order away.”


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