8 out of 10 interviews damage your recruitment brand

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SHL Labs finds that how we interview talent is the topmost reason for the IT Services industry to have hurt its ability to hire and retain talent!

SHL, the global leader in talent acquisition and talent management technology help conduct over 300k online interviews every year for its customers in India. SHL Labs analyzed a random sample of these interviews involving 100+ job profiles conducted across different companies on how interviewing practice is performed across the Indian IT software and services industry. SHL Labs’ findings break down interview experience into multiple objective and measurable metrics. These metrics are measured using SHL’s AI-powered interview intelligence platform.

80% of interviewers make at least one critical mistake involving interview etiquette or missing out on the candidate-centric practices that can impact the candidate’s experience. There are more interviewers who miss interview etiquettes as compared to candidate-centric practices; 70% of interviewers miss interview etiquettes while 37% of the interviewers do not follow appropriate candidate-centric practices.

Breaking further on Interview Etiquettes, the findings from SHL Lab’s research reveal that 41% of interviewers do not introduce themselves while starting a conversation while 26% do not switch on their camera.

In terms of candidate-centric practices, the interviewers tend to show a lack of respect for candidate’s time with as many as 13% joining the call more than 5 minutes late and only 28% of interviewers allowing candidates to ask questions.

Himanshu Aggarwal – Chief Digital Officer said, “These statistics reveal a serious shortfall in interview practices. Now more than ever, talent leaders need to take proactive measures to ensure that interview best practices are implemented effectively so that companies can hire high-quality talent while providing a positive and memorable candidate experience.”

Arthur Rassias – Chief Revenue Officer, SHL said that, “Our research has enabled us to provide actionable feedback to our customers allowing them to take a more standardized approach to the interview process. SHL’s interview intelligence platform provides the data that talent leaders need to quickly identify and action key gaps that exist in their existing practices.”